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  Author: Secretariat  (Publish on: 2017-10-02 12:58:22)


Presenter Certificate will be posted via postal service this week. All certificates will be posted to the address as enrolled in our system. Therefore, please inform us by reply this email if there is a change of address. Thank you.

  Author: Secretariat  (Publish on: 2017-08-29 17:51:04)


Dear ii-TEC’17 presenters, You can refer ii-TEC'17 tentative program at http://iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com/tentative.php#layer2. We would like to inform that: i. Dress code during conference is formal ii. Morning tea break is provided iii. Lunch, accommodation and transport are not provided. Please confirm your attendance via online form http://bit.ly/2glhXLn before or on September 6, 2017. You are also advised to check your presentation venue at iiTEC’17 official website or through our emails that have been sent to all presenters. Safe journey and see you at KKTM Kemaman.

  Author: Admin  (Publish on: 2017-08-27 16:40:49)

Program Tentative

Assalamualaikum w.b.t Please be informed that poster can be download from this link http://iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com/exhibition.php#layer5 . There was a change in the date of the event which was on 11 and 12 September 2017. Kindly visit our portal for more info ( MORE INFO > TENTATIVE)

  Author: Admin  (Publish on: 2017-08-27 16:19:44)


Assalamualaikum w.b.t please be informed that poster can be download from this link http://iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com/tentative.php#layer1 . There was a change in the date of the event which was on 11

  Author: Admin  (Publish on: 2017-08-19 22:25:46)

Update Information at CHECK REGISTRATION menu.

Dear all inventors/innovator, Kindly update your abstract BEFORE 21st August 2017. The length of the abstract recommended to be between 100 to 200 words. Login to our portal http://iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com at the CHECK REGISTRATION menu. Thank You

  Author: Admin  (Publish on: 2017-08-17 14:27:41)

Payment: soft reminder

Dear Participants, please remit payment at your earliest convenience. Kindly acknowledge your successful payment via exhibition@iitec17.kktmkemaman.TQ

  Author: Admin  (Publish on: 2017-08-14 15:02:36)

Full-text Paper

Dear iiTec17 participants, As a registered participant, you are required to: 1. Complete an author agreement that can be downloaded from http://iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com/conference.php#layer1 2. Send the complete author agreement and a full-text paper via email to conference@iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com on or before 18th August 2017. Any inquiry about the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact Pn. Shamsiah Husin at 011-11112184 or write to the above email address. Please visit our website http://iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com/ for latest update. Thank you.

  Author: Admin  (Publish on: 2017-08-10 13:59:02)

Payment Notification

Dear iiTec17 participants, We would like to thank you for your interest on iiTec17. However, please be informed that we have yet to receive any registration fees for further proceeding. Kindly visit iiTec17’s official website at http://www.iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com for you to proceed with payment. Please find below email/point of contact with regards to any queries/issues on iiTec17: • In case you have received any email subject on unpaid status, please email us the proof of payment at exhibition@iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com • Any inquiry or question regarding Local Orders (LO), please contact Ms. Rosimah Binti Ali@Wahab via mobile at 019-9790941. • Participants who required Local Order (LO), please email to exhibition@iitec2017.kktmkemaman.com with email subject - (LO) Payment for [Your Registration ID]. • Any other inquiry or updates, kindly call/Whatsapp Mr Azrul Hazri at 016-7778748 Thank You